IZOHNNY is the dynamic performance duo of Isaiah Esquire & Johnny Nuriel. Known as the "Goliaths of Glam!” This statuesque pair of 6’6’’ ebony & ivory specimens deliver a jaw-dropping performance experience with an androgynous and gender-fluid style that audiences swoon over.

Based out of Portland OR, this fearsome Duo has been seen Internationally and throughout the United States. Referred to by America’s Got Talent scouts as one of the Top 10 traveling queer performance Duos in the US. Independently and combined, Isaiah and Johnny have been featured in multiple Music Videos, Film Documentaries, Magazines, Websites, and Comic Books.

IZOHNNY Produces and headlines the performance spectacular: BOYeurism; A show that offers a dazzling variety of talent/ gender/ and expression.  

On stage, in life, and through love, this married couple continually breaks down barriers of gender, sexuality, culture, and age. IZOHNNY invites you to join in this movement and witness the magic as they show you limitless self-expression through fearless art.